How to Make Best Use of Gift Cards

We’re delighted to announce a fabulous new idea for 2016, with the new scheme called Give a Gift. Give a Gift help turn £1 billion of wasted gift cards into donations for Remus Horse Sanctuary. Read on to find out more, we think its something you’ll like…

A new way to donate

Swap your unused (or unwanted) gift cards, choose how much you’d like to give to charity, and how much you want to get back with the new scheme called Give a Gift!

What is Give a Gift?

If you’ve got a gift card laying around that you’re not particularly keen on, why not exchange it for one you really want and do some good at the same time – donate a percentage of your unused gift card to Remus and swap the rest for a new gift card of your choice!

How does it work?

Simply enter the details via the website. You’ll need to enter the value of the current gift card, choose the percentage donation you wish to make, followed by the gift card store name, serial number and PIN number, before choosing your new card.

How do I sign up?

Visit the website here and just follow the simple on-screen instructions to either swap your existing card for a new one or donate the entire value of your unused card to Remus – the choice is yours!

So please don’t ‘squirrel away’ your gift cards, please use them to help us and buy something you really want at the same time!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Give a Gift support team at

At Remus, we have a number of ways in which you can help us, from recycling to volunteering. Take a look here, under the section of ‘Helping Us’.


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