Animal lovers everywhere are creating pet photo books

Your pet is special – an extra member of your family. So why not honour it with a pet photobook – a printed and bound book of all your favourite photographs of your pet. Whether you have a dog, a cat or a tortoise, your pet deserves its own photobook.

There’s never been a better time to create a pet photo book as our friends over at The Photobook Store are donating 15% of all sales from our supporters to Remus Sanctuary!!!!

To help Remus Sanctuary whilst creating your Photobook, please just add the offer code: REMUS at checkout.

How to create a great pet photo book

  1. Take some great photographs of your pet doing the things it loves: your dog jumping to catch a ball, your cat snoozing on the windowsill, your hamster racing round its wheel…
  2.  Take some close-up shots of your pet’s face, and body. Ensure you have a mixture of indoor and outdoor images to give your photobook some variety.
  3. Download the easy-to-use Photobookstore software.
  4. Upload your images and arrange them on the pages.
  5. Don’t forget to add backgrounds and clipart to make your pet photobook extra special.
  6. Add some comments.
  7. Order your dog, horse or cat photobook. It will be with you in 7 days.

Your photobook can be enjoyed at any time, and then stored neatly away in your bookshelf. Share it with your family and friends! Your photographs will last a lifetime, protected from dust, scratching and fading.

Pet photo books make fantastic presents for animal lovers. We all love looking at photographs of our dear pets.

Pet photo books are becoming a popular request here at the Photobookstore. We can offer a variety of styles, sizes and colours to make sure that your pet gets the best. Our pet photobooks are easy to create and personalise with our free-of-charge software.

Terms & Conditions: 15% of all photobook and photo canvas sales from Remus Supporters will be donated to the Remus Sanctuary. Ensure that the code ‘REMUS’ is added at checkout, so that Remus receives your donation. Offer code cannot be added retrospectively. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts. Offer Expires 31 December 2012.

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