The Battle with Ragwort

As pretty as it looks, Ragwort can give landowners and horse owners alike a real headache. We’ve all heard about it, but how much do you really know about its part in the world? Ragwort contains toxic compounds, which can cause irreversible liver damage to horses. This can happen if it’s eaten fresh, but also […]

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Remus Bracken

Live Family Fun Day at Essex Horse Charity

Remus Horse Sanctuary will be opening its gates for the first time this year on Sunday 6 September, after months of hardship through lack of volunteer staff and fundraising, as a result of the pandemic and lockdown measures. Visitors, members and supporters are invited to come and meet the 200+ animals including Bracken, pictured top […]

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Remus Heidi

Does your horse get his beauty sleep?

The Dalai Lama once said: “Sleep is the best meditation.” We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep relieves stress, restores our physical health and prepares us to take on the day ahead! Many of us also know all too well what a bad night’s sleep can do to […]

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Remus AmazonSmile_in_app_UK_WEB_300x250

Good News for AmazonSmile

Good news! AmazonSmile is now available in the Amazon Shopping app on iPhones and Android phones. AmazonSmile customers can now support Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in the Amazon shopping app on iPhones and Android phones! Simply follow these instructions to turn on AmazonSmile and start generating donations: Open the Amazon Shopping app on your device […]

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Remus Horse Sanctuary Horses Eating Hay

Buy a Bale of Hay to Support Charity

In late March, Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Horse Sanctuary was told to close the horse welfare charity and stop all fundraising – one of her worst nightmares! As a result, the ‘Buy a Bale of Hay’ appeal has been set up online to help raise funds to continue to care for and feed the […]

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Sun care for horses

The heatwave may be over for now, but the hot weather we experienced last month led to a lot of problems in many animals, according to vets. We didn’t escape here at Remus either, with two ponies going down with colic and one with a chest infection. Thankfully, they are all now doing well. Issues […]

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Two women planting a hedge

Microvolunteering for Remus

Would you like to help Remus Horse Sanctuary but don’t think you have the time – you can, if you become a microvolunteer! Have you got a minute to microvolunteer for Remus? We totally understand that everyone leads very busy lives nowadays, what with work and family commitments, so it can be really hard to […]

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Remus Shetlands

Coronavirus Update

Late March we were told we had to close the Sanctuary and stop all Fundraising – for us this was going to be one of our worst nightmares as after the Winter we are desperate for our fundraising to start, so that we can begin to bring much needed funds in to feed the animals […]

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Remus Minstral

Local Horse Charity Needs Your Support at Virtual Open Day Sunday 5 July

Remus Horse Sanctuary is struggling to survive whilst experiencing extreme weather conditions alongside increased vet, medication and food bills – whilst assisting in welfare issues across the county – without its normal summer fundraising events, due to Covid-19. Since lockdown on 23 March, Remus Horse Sanctuary has been managing with a small, skeleton staff, who […]

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Remus residents: some of the oldest equines to have lived

We’ve all known a special ‘golden oldie’ on our yard or at the local riding school who has defied science by still being ridden at 30 plus! While the expected lifespan for horses is 25-30 years and ponies 30-35 years, many surpass this. The team here at Remus launched the Elderly Horse Awareness Campaign back […]

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