Is Your Horse Happy?

We all love our animals and want our horses to be happy – here’s five signs that can tell you if they really are!

Unfortunately when some animals come to us here at Remus Horse Sanctuary, we can see right away that they are anything but. We work tirelessly to turn things around and make sure all our residents are as content as they can be. You’ll find many stories on our website of the animals we have helped.

So how can you tell if a horse is happy?

Here are five signs to look out for…

  1. Body language
    Watch how they behave in the field, in the stable and when you are riding. They can’t talk to us, but their body language will tell you a lot – especially if there is a marked change.
  2. Nostrils
    You can tell a lot from a horse’s nose! Unhappy nostrils are tight, thin and drawn, while a happy horse will have round, soft and relaxed nostrils.
  3. Tail
    It should hang straight, and should be quite loose, swinging freely as they move.
  4. Mutual grooming
    Do you see your horse in the field with others? If they are grooming each other, it shows they are relaxed and happy, and bonding with their ‘friends’.
  5. A tidy bed
    Happy horses keep their bedding in one place, while stressed animals might box walk or pace around their stall, kicking up their bedding.

For more details on how to tell if your horse is happy head to:

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  • Sponsors Day: Sunday 23 June 2024 from 2-4pm. A special event for our sponsors only. Come and meet your sponsored animal. Please note spaces are limited and booking is essential. Please contact the Sanctuary to book on tel: 01277 356191.
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  • Afternoon Tea: Monday 15 July 2pm. Included in your afternoon is a tour of the Sanctuary and an opportunity to meet some of the 200+ animals living at Remus in the beautiful Essex countryside. To book, please contact the Sanctuary on tel: 01277 356191. Tickets are £25 for a traditional Afternoon Tea and include a glass of Prosecco. Further dates 29 July and 12 August.

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