How We Started

Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary was formed in 1983 following the plight of the horses on Rainham Marshes, where over 100 horses were left on the bleak marshland.  As the water inlets flooded, they became cut off, resulting in 13 horses dying in the most awful conditions.

The Rainham Marsh case was followed by the single case of Remus, a poor horse stolen and starved for three months in a feud between two people, over the paltry sum of just £50. Remus was eventually left tied to a lamp post in the most horrific bodily condition and, despite all possible help, his suffering was so bad that he eventually had to be put to sleep.

Horse welfare in Essex at this time was dire. There were many traveller encampments in Rainham, Rush Green and Tilbury, to name but a few, all producing huge horse welfare problems. Gradually, by bringing pressure to bear on other agencies, some of the problems were addressed, some of these areas that were once such huge problems are now country parks.

Over the years, some improvements in the welfare standards in this county and beyond have been made, but it is too little and we are still seeing terrible suffering, in some cases the conditions and the state of the animals are no better than some years ago.

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