Horses That Need The Most Help – Blind, Pregnant And Old Horses

Since 1983, Remus Horse Sanctuary has been helping rescue animals, not only in Essex, but across Southern England and the Midlands. During that time, we have some ghastly and atrocious sights; most of which we don’t share on our website or social media channels, because they are just too brutal and, quite often, we need to protect those helping us, and in some instances, ourselves too.

The horses, ponies, donkeys, cats, goat and sheep that we continue to rescue today are generally the victims of ignorance or malicious intent. Please do not underestimate the number of unscrupulous owners out there who can and do abuse even a large animal such as a horse, pony and donkey, as well as smaller animals, such as goats, sheep, cats and dogs. There seems no end to the atrocities that a human will inflict on a vulnerable animal.

Some of the animals below have been so overbred that their stomach ruptured, have been blinded deliberately, or just dumped and left to die. As you can imagine, they all need extra care and support, so our work at the Sanctuary is often very similar to that of a hospice. Giving these animals, the very best of care, allowing the younger ones to get over their abuse and develop into happy adults, or for the older ones to spend their twilight years doing as they wish, is our raison d’être.

Of course they are fed, watered, loved, and cared for, but just as importantly, they receive regular veterinary and farrier attention and the benefit of holistic therapies. Those animals that are becoming more mature need special attention to ensure they remain in excellent condition, are happy and pain free and live a good, quality life. It takes a lot of hard work money and effort to keep old and sick animals in such good condition, but this is our stated mission.

To care for these animals on site, we have a staff of ten, who work tirelessly to make sure the animals’ care is of the highest quality that we can possibly achieve and that they want for nothing. In addition to our small team, we have a wonderful band of volunteers who are essential for the daily running of Remus Horse Sanctuary.

Remus Horse Sanctuary is funded totally by public donations and our own fundraising and event activities.

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