Foster Programme

All animals fostered out by the Sanctuary are regulated by a legally binding Homing Agreement.

Being responsible for the care and life of any animal is a huge commitment and should not be considered lightly. Please seriously consider whether you are able to commit to the time, care and financial obligations that would be incurred before applying to foster a horse or pony.

The Fostering Procedure

  • If we have a horse/pony that is suitable, we will arrange for you to come and visit the horse/pony and complete a short Horse Knowledge Questionnaire.
  • Following that we would need to inspect where you wish to keep the animal. We will be looking, amongst other things, at the suitability and safety of the fencing, that there are no weeds or trees poisonous to horses, that there is adequate shelter, stabling and water supply etc, no barbed wire, no dangerous protusions, that the site is safe and secure and without unfenced rivers as boundaries.
  • On completion of a satisfactory Home Check, we would ask you to arrange transport/collection of the animal. We can provide the number of a licensed competent driver with box. All costs will be incurred by you.
  • The animal would come to live with you for a 3 month trial period to establish that the animal settles and that both parties are happy for the fostering to continue. During this period we will make regular visits to see how the horse/pony is settling.
  • On completion of the trial period, we will re-visit and if everything proves satisfactory and you are pleased with your new friend, we would ask for a donation of £200 towards costs and we would sign a full Homing Agreement.
  • You will then be expected to keep your animal in accordance with all current animal welfare legislation and the requirements of our Homing Agreement.
  • We will visit once a year and also make unscheduled visits when we are in your area.

To apply to foster a Remus horse, please complete the Remus Foster Programme and return to the Sanctuary,


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