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As a charity, we rely on you - the public - and our supporters, to help raise the necessary funds to care for our animals. Cancelling all of our events & fundraising activities at present, will have a massive impact. Please continue to support our animals.

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Welcome to Remus Horse Sanctuary! We believe that together, with your help, we can all make a difference and bring an end to horse cruelty. The horse welfare crisis in the UK has been escalating for many years and we want to ensure that, in future, no animal is born to die. We hope you like what you see here and look forward to welcoming you to our family!

Sue Burton, Founder

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Remus Shetlands

Coronavirus Update

Posted 6th July 2020

Late March we were told we had to close the Sanctuary and stop all Fundraising – for us this was going to be one of our worst nightmares as after the Winter we are desperate for our fundraising to start, so that we can begin to bring much needed funds in to feed the animals […]


Local Horse Charity Needs Your Support at Virtual Open Day Sunday 5 July

Posted 29th June 2020

Remus Horse Sanctuary is struggling to survive whilst experiencing extreme weather conditions alongside increased vet, medication and food bills – whilst assisting in welfare issues across the county – without its normal summer fundraising events, due to Covid-19. Since lockdown on 23 March, Remus Horse Sanctuary has been managing with a small, skeleton staff, who […]


Remus residents: some of the oldest equines to have lived

Posted 8th June 2020

We’ve all known a special ‘golden oldie’ on our yard or at the local riding school who has defied science by still being ridden at 30 plus! While the expected lifespan for horses is 25-30 years and ponies 30-35 years, many surpass this. The team here at Remus launched the Elderly Horse Awareness Campaign back […]


Local Horse Charity Goes Virtual Sunday 7 June

Posted 28th May 2020

Like many small charities, Remus Horse Sanctuary has had to cancel all of its fundraising efforts and events as a result of Covid-19. The Sanctuary is currently existing with a small, skeleton staff, who are required to look after and care for its 200+ animals. Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Horse Sanctuary commented on the […]




Open Day at the Sanctuary August

Join us for our Open Day on Sunday 2 August from 1pm until 5pm. As well as our 200+ animals, consisting […]


Curry Lunch

Come and join us for a curry lunch raising money for Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary. Bring your family and friends […]


Open Day and Dog Show at the Sanctuary September

Join us for our Open Day and Novelty Dog Show on Sunday 6 September from 1pm until 5pm. Remus rely solely […]


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