Creating a Legacy of Love, Hope and Positive Change

For Remus Horse Sanctuary, legacies act as pillars or rocks of support, enabling us to continue our vital work long into the future. A legacy, often bequeathed through a Will, is a powerful testament to an individual’s commitment to a cause close to their heart, leaving behind a lasting impact that will echo through the ages.

Legacies are incredibly important to us here at Remus for several reasons and, whilst it’s still ‘Make a Will Month‘, we’d like to explain more:

  1. Steady Cash Flow:

Legacies are like the rock-solid foundation of our finances. With these gifts, we can breathe easy knowing we’ve got a reliable stream of income to keep our amazing animal welfare work going strong.

  1. Room to Grow:

Imagine having the green light to dream big! Well, legacies give us just that. They provide the fuel needed to expand programs, reach more people, and tackle even the toughest challenges.

  1. Flexibility Rules:

Unlike restricted grants or donations tied to specific purposes, legacies come with no strings attached. This offers greater flexibility in allocating funds where they are needed most and allows us to respond swiftly to emerging challenges, seize new opportunities, and keep on making a real difference not only in terms of rescue, but education and awareness too.

  1. Making Friends for Life:

Legacy donors aren’t just supporters; they’re part of the family! By nurturing these relationships, we build a crew of dedicated fans who’ll stick with us through thick and thin.

  1. Honouring What Matters:

Leaving a legacy isn’t just about money; it’s about leaving a mark that reflects your values and passions. Legacies let donors make a lasting impact on the causes they care about most.

  1. Spreading the Love:

And here’s the best part: legacies inspire others to get in on the action! When people see the incredible impact of legacy gifts, they’re more likely to consider leaving their own mark on the world.

No matter how big or small, leaving a gift in your Will is one of the most valuable ways you can help us. Legacies play a vital role in sustaining and advancing our mission, providing us with the resources, stability, and flexibility needed to create lasting change and to leave a legacy of love, hope, compassion, and positive change.

Do you already have a Will and wish to include a gift for Remus?

Add a simple paragraph to an existing Will, we suggest some words on our website here:

Do you need to create a Will?

We’ve teamed up with Free Wills so that you can complete your Will online and totally free of charge. Interested in finding out how this works? Visit our web page to find out more.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

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