Over 7,000 horses in this country are at risk. Will you help them?

This is why we are calling for greater enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act in relation to equine welfare – saving horses, ponies, donkeys and mules:

  • A named post within every County Council and unitary Authority, responsible for enforcement action across the full range of equine cruelty, working with lower tier authorities, the police and charities.
  • A national education programme, promoting education across communities who are traditionally less likely to understand the importance of equine care, cascaded to support workers facilitating conversations with such communities.
  • Transparency publication by each local authority of information relating to equine welfare cases, including number of reports, attendances, investigations and prosecutions, and details of whether referrals have come through charities or members of the public.

Local authorities can choose to appoint inspectors, but it’s not legally required – many signposting to charities, including every local authority website we researched in Essex. Different levels of authority – county councils versus borough councils – have different responsibilities, for example where a borough council is accountable for fly-grazing, a county council is responsible for welfare of horses being transported.

Support our work:

  • Share our campaign and social media graphic, tag us in your posts and use the hashtag #BornToDie
  • Contact your MP to press for change. We encourage you to write your own message, as this will see the best response. You can copy the information in this page if that’s helpful though. Always be respectful and polite in your emails.
  • Make a donation today – help us fund our work both at the sanctuary and for this campaign.
  • Get in touch if you are able to support us as a corporate partner.
  • Take part in our 40th Anniversary Challenge.

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