Too often in Essex and the surrounding areas we see horses that are left in fields or tethered. These horses are rarely dumped or abandoned – they  have owners.

Very often they are out in the sun or sub zero temperatures without the care that we would give to our animals or indeed the care that we are expected to give to our animals under the existing and improved welfare legislation – food, water or shelter.

These horses are bred from every year sometimes when the mares are as young as 2yrs, and often younger and will continue until they can produce no more. You can assume that each horse will produce up to twenty foals if bred from each year and they very usually do not see a Vet. The land is often used illegally so there are few outgoings.

Each filly foal can produce a foal that could bring £1000 at sale so each mare could earn their owners up to £20,000 in its lifetime with minimal outgoings against that sum. Some of these owners have many horses all bringing in a great deal of money

Sadly, our Society thinks that this is acceptable.

We at Remus do not.


Update March 2015 – The Control of Horses Bill – Read our press release to learn more here.

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