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We currently have two appeals running. Your help with either or both would be very much appreciated. Please scroll down to learn more:

Help us Buy a Bale of Hay

In late March we were told to close the Sanctuary and stop all fundraising – one of our worst nightmares! After the winter months we are always desperate for our fundraising and events to start, so that we can bring much needed funds into the charity to feed the animals and pay the bills that have been mounting up.

As you can imagine, the volume of food required to feed our 200+ animals is by far our biggest expense and challenge.

£5 will help us buy one bale of hay, £10 will help us buy two bales of hay, £15 will help us buy three bales of hay. £20 will ensure the animal of your choice receives hay every day for a week.

Thank you for your very valued support.

To find out more about our appeal, please visit the JustGiving website here: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/buyabaleofhay.

Cry for Help

The horse welfare crisis in this country continues to escalate and Remus is on its knees financially,we literally exist from one day to the next. This is particularly so during the Coronavirus outbreak as we have had to cancel all of our fundraising and events.

Remus are desperate for funds and asking animal lovers everywhere to dig deep to make a donation to help continue the work of the Sanctuary and to help ease and eventually stop the daily suffering.

At present there are hundreds of horses and ponies around the country that are suffering daily. And sadly every day is a day nearer to death. Remus can and does help but, without serious financial assistance, will be forced to close.

Founder Sue said, “Normally at this time of year welfare issues ease and our costs go down giving us a chance to recoup much needed funds for the winter. However, this year there has been so many horses that have needed our help that it has proved impossible”.

Remus needs additional financial support to help rescue many more animals and continue to provide lifetime care for our existing 200+ animals.

To find out more about our appeal, please visit the JustGiving website here: https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/rmhs/cryforhelp.

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Just Giving Campaign
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