Can you Fundraise for Remus please?

From bake sales to bike rides, there’s lots of ways for you to fundraise on our behalf and we truly believe, that TOGETHER we CAN make a DIFFERENCE!

In our handy guide you’ll find everything you need to get started, including inspiration and ideas and, once you’re ready, JustGiving, our chosen fundraising partner, will help make the process really simple with their online tools, fundraising checklist, downloadable posters and fliers, Facebook and Twitter images, supporter message board and even labels and price tags!

Remember every little counts, you don’t need to climb a mountain although we’d be eternally grateful if you can!

The horse welfare crisis in the UK continues to worsen. We continue to witness it daily:

  • The skeletons of horses just left to rot in fields after they have died
  • Horses dumped dead, alive or dying
  • Horses in awful conditions with every bone in their body on show

There are worse stories but we don’t want to distress you further. Please support our #BornToDie Campaign.

These animals are so innocent and so noble they don’t deserve to live or indeed die like this. Some of these horses stand tethered in the same place for days, weeks and months on end, never being given food, water or care. Sometimes owners come to see them just once a week, sometimes less often, sometimes not at all.

With your support we can help them.

Please download our new Fundraising Guide here.

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