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Sue Burton


I founded the Sanctuary with friend, Pat Bacon, back in 1983 following the plight of the horses on Rainham Marshes in Rainham, Essex, where over 100 horses were left on the bleak marshland. As the water inlets flooded, they became cut off resulting in 13 horses dying in the most awful conditions.

In 2018, we celebrated our 35th Anniversary with a visit from our Patrons including Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex.

You can learn more about my ethos and thoughts about the Sanctuary here.

Elizabeth Anderson


I joined Remus as a Trustee in 2022, because I support the charity’s ethos of helping individual animals in great need, alongside advocating for change for the better in the treatment of horses, donkeys and other equines and farmed animals.  I have long wanted to use my experience as a charity leader to support animal welfare.

I live in Kent with my husband, enjoy travel, walking and baking, and in my day job am a Chief Operating Officer for a nationwide campaign.  I have over 15 years’ experience in not for profits, focusing on governance, projects and stakeholder engagement.

Bob O’Connor


I am a multi-award-winning Hospitality / Leisure professional, with over 30 years of experience in the Sector. An experienced Managing Director and Non-Executive Director who improves bottom line margin to facilitate business growth. My executive career demonstrates deep knowledge of turnaround and upscaling and, thanks to this remarkable record of achievement, he is now advising boards as an independent advisor.

Since 2019, I have been working as an independent consultant across the UK advising leisure and hospitality companies on areas such as strategic planning, business planning, operational reviews, financial modelling and general consulting. With a mixed portfolio of serving both non-profit and commercial attractions, Collaborating with companies such as Weston Grand Pier and York Maze

Esme Fordham

Trustee and Senior Volunteer

This picture tells the story of why I volunteer at Remus. Every little thing we do here and all the money we raise through events goes straight towards feeding and caring for all the wonderful animals at the Sanctuary.

I am a senior volunteer at Remus and oversee – with my group of dedicated and hardworking volunteers – the fundraising events, merchandise and bric-a-brac and ensure that the Sanctuary is kept clean, tidy and organised.

Claire JoceClaire Joce

Office Administrator

I am the office administrator and have been working at Remus for just over three years.  I am usually your first point of contact at the Sanctuary.  I will do my best to answer any questions and deal with any queries you may have.  I love working at Remus, all the staff and volunteers work tirelessly looking after the 200 plus animals.  Its sad when a horse/pony arrives that has been mistreated or starved, but it is great to see them finally getting some much needed love and fuss and seeing them in the fields making new friends.

Louisa Penny


I am the Bookkeeper for the Sanctuary and work closely with the Sanctuary Accountant. I am responsible for maintaining the day-to-day finances. I joined in 2015 and work part time. I enjoy my role and love being part of an amazing team that works tirelessly to look after and care for so many animals.

Daphne Stovin of Remus Horse SanctuaryDaphne Stovin


I first heard about Remus in 1987. I became a member and joined the fundraising team. Since then I have watched the Sanctuary grow and it now plays a very large part in my life. In the past I tried joining other voluntary groups that I wanted to help in some way after my children had grown up. When I became a member of Remus I knew that this was the organisation I had been looking for. Animals have always been important to me and helping to care for the animals who have been abused, neglected and cruelly treated gives me huge satisfaction.

Sue Moloney

Sue Moloney

Training & Health and Safety

I have been a supporter of Remus for over 20 years but have only been a member of the team since July 2015. I have been a foster carer for one of their Shetland ponies for 18 years! My role at Remus is quite a varied one: I am responsible for Health and Safety at the Sanctuary, for the ongoing training of staff and volunteers and also to organise a variety of events, such as workshops which help raise awareness of the Sanctuary. I am passionate about animal welfare and get very upset when seeing or hearing about an animal that has been cruelly treated or just simply neglected. Animals have no voice and I feel that by working here at Remus I am making a small contribution towards being their voice.  I know I am fortunate to have such a great job, everyone at Remus works tirelessly to ensure that when an animal comes through those gates they will never want for anything again.

Carly Webber

Welfare Officer

I am the Welfare Officer here at Remus and I started in June 2018, I have worked in the animal welfare field for more than 12 years both locally and internationally. We get many calls of concern from the general public about horses and ponies all across Essex – its my job to go and assess these situations and where necessary and possible to intervene to provide these animals with better care. This can be hard at times, as due to legislation often our hands are tied, however we will always do what we can, monitoring the situation and the animals involved.

I’m also responsible for keeping in touch with our horses and ponies that are in foster homes, making annual visits and where needed providing advice and assistance to our foster carers. Its lovely to see these horses and ponies getting the life they deserve with people that really love them.

I’m so pleased to be working for an animal charity that is so devoted to the care and welfare of its animals. Remus is so practical and forward thinking in its approach to horse welfare and is able to provide help to many animals outside its gates.

Alex Brown

Yard Supervisor

I have been working at Remus since November 2010 and have never looked back. I studied Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the University of Bristol which primarily focused on companion animals like cats and dogs. I didn’t have much experience with horses and I felt this role would allow me to broaden my knowledge.

I’m responsible for the day to day running of the yard and the needs of the animals and for overseeing and organising the workload for the yard staff for the day. I make up the yard feeds and put out hay to all the field horses during the day. I assist with the vet and farrier’s work and look after any sick animals that come into our care and oversee the annual husbandry plan.

I thoroughly enjoy my work, very few jobs give you the satisfaction that this one provides. It is very fulfilling to see neglected and abandoned horses that come into our care slowly change overtime to become more trusting and friendly as a result of the tender love and kindness that all our staff provide.

Sue Strathern

HR Officer

I joined Remus as the part-time HR Officer in February 2018. I have worked in HR for the last 35 years, mainly in the public sector but, more recently in the private sector.  My role is to support the Sanctuary Manager when dealing with any staffing matters as well as to review and monitor all policies, procedures and practices to ensure that they are up to date and compliant with employment legislation. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations on 25 May 2018 meant that all paperwork used by Remus had to be reviewed to ensure that it was compliant with the regulations, in the use of personal data. The regulations apply to job applicants, employees, volunteers, workers, contractors and other supporters as well as former employees. I am enjoying the variety and flexibility of the role.

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