Printer Ink Recycling

Recycle your printer ink cartridges to help us raise much needed funds through

Register for free now using one of the links below – the first is for individuals and personal use, the second is for companies and offices.

For individuals wishing to recycle ink cartridges

Whether you work from home as a freelancer or soletrader, or just use a printer for personal use, you can help raise funds for us here at Remus Horse Sanctuary. Recycle4Charity is a free, easy to use programme for empty printer inkjet cartridges. A simple way to help the environment whilst raising money for the charity, school or not for profit of your choice. Donations of up to £2 for each eligible ink cartridge posted to Recycle4Charity will be paid to Remus Horse Sanctuary.

You can request a free postage envelope, free postage box, find a local drop-off point – and request a reminder in 3 months time! The free postage box is useful for filling up over time, especially if you’re in a busy office environment. Encourage everyone to use the box. Please note that laser and toner cartridges cannot be recycled in this way. For laser and toner cartridges, please refer to the second link below, for businesses.

If you are an individual looking to recycler your printer cartridges, please visit for Individual Intelligent Recycling for Inkjet Cartridges.

For business and office recycling of ink cartridges

Organisations will get through a large number of printer ink cartridges and you can dispose of them mindfully with Zero Waste Reycling. Their service is suitable for any type of printer consumable, any brand and any model. Use this service if you have laser or toner cartridges. They will collect, recycle and reuse all your printer cartridge waste. They are compliant will all UK legislation.

For businesses wishing to recycle their printer cartridges, please visit for Office Zero Waste Intelligent Recycling for Ink Tanks and Toners.

Recycle Ink Cartridges For Charity – What You Need To Know

  • Is postage free? Yes postage is free. You can request a free postage label for small numbers of cartridges and a free postage box for you or your business to collect cartridges over time and send them all in one go.
  • Does it cost me anything? No it is completely free to recycle your printer ink cartridges.
  • How does it work? Individuals can click here and businesses can click here to quickly register. It’s free to register and will take just a few minutes; you’ll receive a free postage label or box to send your cartridges for recycling.
  • How many ink cartridges can I send? For individuals you can request a label for less than 15 cartridges and for more than 15 cartridges.
  • What brands of cartridges are accepted? For individuals, all inkject cartridges are accepted. For laser and toner cartridges, please use the business link.
  • Can I throw ink cartridges in the bin? No, ink cartridges are considered as hazardous waste and must be disposed of safely. The ink and toner used in cartridges is carcinogenic, and the cartridge itself may be made from dioxins, which is also harmful to humans.

Buy printer ink cartridges

You can now raise extra funds for us. Simply use this link to buy your printer ink cartridges, and 5% of the sale will be donated straight to us via Recycle4Charity. There is no need to enter any codes, just use the link and your discount will be automatically passed on.

Thank you for supporting Remus Horse Sanctuary.




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