Holistic first aid

Natural First Aid for People and Animals

Perfect for everyone wishing to learn how to use nature’s pharmacy for minor ailments and common conditions. This will be a fun-filled, educational hands-on course covering the safe, practical use of Essential Oils, Herbs, Clays and Gels. Saturday 21st July 12 noon to 4.30pm at Remus in Essex, England. Refreshments will be provided but please […]

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Horses together

Stress and the Companion Animal

This workshop will cover all aspects of stress in the companion animal and will include: Causes of stress Diseases of the stressed animal How to recognise physical and behavioural signs of stress in your animal Prevention Management procedures Introducing complementary therapies into your animal’s regime This workshop will mainly be aimed at equines, but will […]

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Holly and Bracken together

Understanding Zoonotic Diseases

A zoonotic disease is a disease passed from animals to humans. It is surprising that although we are a nation of animal lovers and the majority of us have animals in our lives, many of us have never heard of them. The workshop will give attendees all the relevant information they need to educate themselves […]

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