Our Namesake

Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary was so named in memory of the first horse we became aware of (pictured alongside). Sadly help came too late for him, but the tragedy of Remus dying through willful neglect provided the spur needed by the now formed charity to save others from a similar fate.

The Sanctuary was formed in 1983 following the plight of Remus, a horse starved for up to four months in a field, having been stolen by a horse dealer. Then he was left tied to a lamp-post outside the yard that he had been previously stolen from. But now he was emaciated, a mere shadow of the lovely horse he had once been.

For 13 days he stood without help. Rescue came in the form of concerned members of the public and he was taken to a horsebox for transportation to a veterinary hospital. Whilst being loaded, he was frightened by passing traffic, he stumbled, fell and, too weak to get up, he had to be pushed and pulled into the horsebox. He travelled lying down.

Rescue came too late, his trauma from the months of deprivation resulted in him bleeding internally. He died the next morning, although at least in the company of people who cared.

A Poem for Remus

Nobody cared about Remus
he stood and waited to die.
Then a loving hand was laid on him.
A tear fell from somebody’s eye.
All the love was given to Remus
all the care you could possibly give.
But sadly too late for poor Remus;
he had lost the will to live.
Remus is not just the first one
and sadly will not be the last.
Unless you can help in some small way
to make suffering a thing of the past!

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