Enjoy the Ride!

Do you get nervous or uncomfortable riding in front of others at competitions, or even in the yard? Don’t let it spoil your fun. Instead, take some time to tackle the issues and you’ll be back to having fun, whoever’s watching!

Perhaps you worry about what others think when you’re riding, or that they’re judging you, looking for you to make a mistake or show poor performance? The reality is that they are probably not even paying you much attention and are much more focused on their own animal and riding ability.

Comparison is the thief of joy – so the saying goes – and comparing yourself to others is not healthy. For example, if you see someone at the yard who seems to be a more skillful rider than you – always remember that you are only seeing a small part of their riding life. You should remember that they may have more experience than you – it doesn’t mean you won’t reach the same level. You just need commitment and determination and a positive mindset.

Remember, at the end of the day, spending time with your horse should be fun!

For some excellent tips on fighting anxiety around horse riding, head to www.horseandrideruk.com/expert-advice/articles/sit-back-and-relax.

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