Jess’ Story

Female White Mule with one black ear!
DOB: 21 May 2014

Jess is Grace’s foal. Grace’s life had been terrifying as she had been left to roam on roads, totally blind – how she was not killed or caused an accident is remarkable.

When we brought Grace in, we found she was in foal. We eagerly awaited the baby! We do not have many births at the Sanctuary, so were very excited. Imagine our surprise when in May this little baby appeared. It soon became apparent that little Jess was a Hinny (a female mule) so her father had been a donkey.

Sadly poor Grace did not have any milk and we had to bottle feed little Jess, this was every few hours day and night for about 5 months. Thankfully she grew up to be the beautiful, full of character youngster you see today.

Jess unfortunately suffers from Laminitis, caused by EMS, which we believe has been inherited from her mother; something that is now being scientifically supported to be possible, so her care has to be a little more rigorous – watching her weight and diet.

Curious about how Jess’ mother Grace is getting on? Take a look at her profile.

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