Holly’s Story

Roan Blagdon Cob Mare
DOB 2006
Came to Remus in 2014

This beautiful horse was a shadow of how she should have been. She was emaciated, her ribs, backbone and hip bones could clearly be seen even under her woolly coat. She had no muscle tone, caused by deprivation of movement due to having spent her entire life up to her rescue tethered, unable to move far, seek shelter or find food. Like Grace, the vets believe she was deliberately blinded by her owners.

Holly was rescued from Wales where she was frequently found loose on the highway. She was seized under the Control of Horses Order but she was then placed in a barn with other horses where, because she was weak, she was bullied off food and, as she could not see or respond correctly to the other horses, her situation was dire.

When we were told about her we immediately made arrangements to take her in and found that to add to her problems she was also in foal. Many months of careful feeding, nursing and veterinary care followed, and she produced her beautiful foal Bracken.

Curious about how Holly’s daughter Bracken is getting on? Take a look at her profile.

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