Remus Jubilee Open Day and Cream Tea

Enjoy a Cream Tea Fit for a Queen

Celebrate the Jubilee with Remus Horse Sanctuary and a Cream Tea on Sunday 5 June. Remus Horse Sanctuary has pledged its support for The Big Jubilee Lunch, which will be bringing the Platinum Jubilee celebrations into the heart of every community this June. The Sanctuary will be bedecked with bunting on Sunday 5 June in […]

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Interesting Goat Facts

A baby goat is called a ‘kid’. A castrated male goat is called a ‘wether’. An uncastrated male goat is called a ‘billy’or a ‘buck’. A female goat is called a ‘nanny’ or a ‘doe’. Goats are sociable animals and therefore become depressed if they are separated or isolated from their companions, however they are […]

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Visitors Welcome at Horse Sanctuary Early May Bank Holiday Weekend

The humans at Remus Horse Sanctuary are looking forward to welcoming visitors to the Sanctuary to meet the 200+ animals for the first time this year, on Sunday 1 May from 1pm to 5pm. Parking is available on-site with disabled access, and dogs are very welcome on a lead. Admission will be charged at just […]

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Remus Enrichment Workshop

Worming Our Horses – The Future

The writing is on the wall for more equine disease and death if the industry does not take urgent, cohesive action against wormer resistance. This was the view of experts at the 30th National Equine Forum on 3 March 2022. There is evidence of resistance to all four classes of worming drug available for use on horses, and no […]

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Remus Free Wills

Make your Will for FREE

Leaving a legacy in your Will is one of the best ways of ensuring that we can continue our valuable work. As you know, we rescue horses, ponies, donkeys and more, and provide rehabilitation and respite to them and to elderly horses, and all of our work is paid for by donations and fundraising. A […]

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Remus Horse rider

The New Highway Code: How it Affects You and Your Horse

You might remember back in January we mentioned a review of the Highway Code. As of 29 January 2022, a number of changes to the code came into force – and it’s one step closer to making our roads safer for horses and riders. Most significantly, a new hierarchy of road users means that riders […]

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Remus Goats saved from slaughter

Goats saved from slaughter with new home at Remus Horse Sanctuary

Remus Horse Sanctuary has literally provided sanctuary for Arnie, Patch, Bobby and Bonnie, by saving them from slaughter! The young goats, all about a year and a half old, were originally born and bred for meat but, thankfully, their owners couldn’t face it when the time came. Arnie and Patch, the bigger of the four, […]

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10 Amazing Facts About Horses

The original horse was no larger than a Jack Russell. Known as Hyracotherium or Eohippus; it looked more like a deer than the modern day horse! Hyracotherium lived about 50 million years ago and was a forest dweller. In contrast to the horses of today it had four padded toes on the front legs and […]

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Remus Pledges to Tackle Fraud

Fraud is an ever-evolving and increasing criminal threat to society. No organisation – charitable or otherwise – can make itself completely immune to fraud but it can take steps to minimise the risks. Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary is committed to doing precisely that, which is why we have signed the Fraud Pledge: Benefits of […]

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Remus Horses and Mental Health c Sophie Boeme

You, Your Horse and Your Mental Wellbeing

The last two years have been hard – and we’re not talking about Remus’ financial hardships as a result of the lack of fundraising – the Covid-19 pandemic has bulldozed its way through our lives, challenging each and every one of us. But in the wake of that incredibly difficult time, and hopefully as we […]

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