Autumn Update

It has been a tough 6 months at Remus. We have rescued eight horses from a multi-animal rescue including Daisy, top left, who is emaciated and had cancerous lumps through her body and is in her 30s.

Tiffany, middle left, stood out in a field with no shelter in all that extreme heat with a thick shaggy coat – since coming into Remus she has been clipped and feels so much better for it. Both mares are dear old girls and did not deserve to suffer in this way. There is a long way to go with their care but we hope to pull them through, although we aren’t sure with Daisy but if we can at least give her some months of happiness with a full belly then we will be happy we have achieved something and helped her. She is devoted to Tiffany and they are just loving their life at Remus where they are comfortable and have access to all the food they want.

Flint and Marmite 2 spent much of their lives in a cage but are now enjoying their freedom at Remus and absolutely adore each other.  It is increasingly hard to comprehend how people can treat such innocent animals in such an awful way.  We also rescued four stallions, one of which was in the most awful condition and all of them had spent the last two years cooped up in dark dirty stables with no access to the outside.

As the problem was so dire last winter, what will happen this winter? All the Traveller mares have foaled and all will be heavily in foal again by the winter so yet more thousands of horses born to die.  This is a huge crisis and one that we have to be able to help with by dealing with the bigger underlying issues and also by getting in there and monitoring the horses and getting food and shelter to them.  Sometimes it is just a case of getting lorry loads of hay into fields each week to keep these horses alive – this is not something we have needed to do on this scale before and it set the Sanctuary back many thousands of pounds last winter. Hopefully we can help keep them alive whilst we work in the background to get something done at Parliamentary level to help the overall problem.

We are still finding horses in poor conditions as they are uncared for, and the dry weather has meant little grass growth, so we have not yet experienced the usual summer time lull.  We desperately want to keep up this vital help for these innocent and majestic creatures but can only do this with your support.

Here at Remus we have to regularly put animals to sleep to prevent them suffering, It doesn’t get easier – if anything it gets harder, but we know our job is to prevent suffering, not cause it. If there is a chance, we will take it in the hope of allowing the animal to enjoy life longer. It’s always a hard decision and one that tears us apart to make. And every once in a while, whilst we don’t have favourites (how could you? They are all uniquely lovely) one comes along that captures your heart. Sparkey, bottom left, captured ours – a dear little guy who fought so hard against all the odds with all his problems – always driven by his love for people and his love for food. We were all heartbroken to have to make the decision to let him go to prevent him any more suffering. He had the major operation on his skull to clear all the food that had built up through a hole in his gums and he came through that but sadly the surgery brought on his laminitis and as much as he and we tried he couldn’t fight it. Rest in peace Sparkey boy – run free!

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These are items always needed at the Sanctuary, which some members like to buy to help us out with costs etc.

Christmas Items

It’s that time of year again!! It won’t be long now until Christmas, so you can now browse our Christmas Shop which includes our new calendar and Christmas cards, and lots of other new items for this year.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all so much for your help and support over the years – without it, we simply could not do our work and help so many horses. THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM EVERYONE AT REMUS.

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