Born To Die – We Need Your Help

As you’ll know, Remus Horse Sanctuary provides rehabilitation and lifetime care for over 200 horses, ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats and cats near Ingatestone in Essex, and we are celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2023.

Over the past 40 years, we have rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of emaciated, terrified, beaten, and, in two cases, deliberately blinded animals – these two were both mares in foal.

The animals in our care are now able to live and enjoy a normal happy life free from suffering, hunger and fear.

So what do we need your help with? Well you may have seen details of our #BornToDie campaign which we launched earlier this year. Although we are calling on the government for change, you too can help support us in the following simple ways:

  1. Contact your MP to press for change. We urge you to write your own message, as this will see the best response. However, you can copy the information from our web page if that’s helpful. View our ‘BornToDie’ campaign page. Please remember, always be respectful and polite in your emails. The link to find your local MP is just pop in your county or postcode, or the name of your MP if you know it. This will provide you with both an email and a postal address.
  2. Make a donation today. Help us fund our work both at the Sanctuary and for this campaign. You can donate online or of course telephone the office to make a donation over the telephone. And, of course, we accept cheques too!
  3. Improve your CSR. Please get in touch if you are able to support us as a corporate partner and improve your corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  4. Get involved. Please take part in our 40th Anniversary Challenge. We have estimated that if only 1000 people raised only £40 each, you could fundraise a massive £40,000 for us!
  5. Share our news. Share the details of our campaign on social media, and tag us in your posts using the hashtag #BornToDie

We provide a safe environment for those animals that have been victims of physical and mental abuse, whether because of ignorance or malicious intent.

Sue Burton co-founded the Sanctuary in 1983 following the plight of the horses on Rainham Marshes in Rainham, Essex, where over 100 horses were left on the bleak marshland. As the water inlets flooded, they became cut off resulting in 13 horses dying in the most awful conditions.

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