Environmental Enrichments

At Remus we are very aware of the importance of environmental enrichments and the beneficial effects they have in improving the physical and emotional wellbeing of the animals. They help to promote wellbeing, provide exercise and mental stimulation and prevent boredom, lethargy and behavioural problems.

We have run workshops on environmental enrichments at the Sanctuary, which have proved very popular. Watching the animals investigate new things that have been placed in their enclosures is very satisfying! Enrichments don’t have to be expensive or time consuming to organise.

We also offer our animals self-selection herbs, which the animals would naturally graze on if they were out in the wild. Most herbs contain various medicinal properties and the animals will choose the ones they need for that particular time. Chamomile is good for stress, hawthorn good for circulation. If an animal is having joint problems they will often choose seaweed as this is good in helping with arthritic conditions. The list of medicinal herbs is endless!

At Remus we not only provide enrichments to our animals, but also to our wildlife. We plant flowers that attract the bees, shallow water bowls with stones in so that the bees/reptiles/hogs can access the water safely and we make toad houses from pieces of bogwood and logs. Regular checks of these toad houses last summer also revealed that they also became home to several species of small lizards!

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