Fighting fatigue and keeping your horse fit and well

All horse owners know the importance of keeping their animals fit and well-exercised. But there comes a point when the horse will have had enough and can become fatigued.

Horses suffering from fatigue can be at risk of tendon damage, and be at risk of developing health conditions such as colic, laminitis or heat exhaustion, so it is vital that you can recognise the signs to avoid putting your horse at risk.

Remus Horse Sanctuary has to rescue horses that have been ill cared-for and overworked on a regular basis, but caring owners can learn how to recognise the warning signs and keep their horse out of danger.

Signs of fatigue include loss of coordination such as stumbling, a slowing down of pace, and increasingly labouring breathing.

Find out what else to look for, and how you can avoid fatigue in this interesting article.




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