Got a sweet tooth?

After a long weekend full of chocolate eggs, another Easter has come and gone. Whether you’re a creme egg fan or prefer a more traditional hot cross bun, we all deserve a treat now and again. Of course, our horses do too, but how do we know what’s safe for them and what should be avoided?

There are so many different treats on the market in all sorts of flavours, as well as plenty of natural options. Did you know horses actually prefer the taste of banana over mint, apple and even carrot? Those banana-flavoured treats suddenly don’t seem so odd, do they?!

What you probably did know is that carrots are full of sugar, so while many fruits and vegetables can be safely fed in moderation, looking for low sugar options is advised. Another thing to look out for is how long they take to chew. Whether you love it or hate it, celery is a really good option because it takes a long time to chew, which generates more saliva production. Saliva is alkaline and can protect against gastric ulcers. Low sugar and beneficial to the digestive system? It seems celery could be the new treat of choice!

Take a look at this article from Horse & Hound for more healthy treats you may not have thought of feeding:

If you’d like to buy a treat for a Remus animal or provide feed for one of the many tethered horses in the area, you can do so online via our website at:

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