Heavy Heart

It is with heavy heart that I write this message. The last year has, without question, been the hardest year of my life and among the many pressures has been that of finances. Unless we increase the amount of money coming into the Sanctuary then I can’t guarantee our future beyond the foreseeable future. I have put off writing this for so long but there really is no alternative…

We are inundated this time of year, as we have been for the last few years, by calls regarding horses left in fields around the country and have done all that we can to help them, including getting hay to many last year to keep them alive until the weather improved and taking in Grace and Holly the two blind mares who had been left to roam the Essex countryside for months despite being totally blind and both being pregnant.

I know money is tough for everyone but can you help by making a donation towards the Winter Feed Fund? Sponsor a horse as a gift? Organise an event to raise money during the year? I really have to turn things around NOW and maintain a steady income stream.

Thank you,

Sue Burton (Founder)

If you can do just 1 thing today, please set up a regular monthly donation via JustGiving (or your payroll). Even if its only £5 a month, it’ll be a start. If you can offer more, please please do so. Donations of this nature are tax deductible. https://www.remussanctuary.org/donate-justgiving.

If you can do 2 things today, please set up a regular donation and share this message with all your friends and family asking them to help too.

If you can do 3 things today, please set up a regular donation, share this message and sponsor one of our animals.

If you prefer, text FEED36 £10 to 70070 to donate to Remus via your mobile. It doesn’t have to be for £10 you can enter whatever value you wish. Please note that text donations are one-offs and not the same as a monthly direct debit.

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