Herbs for Horses

Would you fancy a nice walk in the country, would you like to collect a free treat for the animals at Remus while you enjoy yourselves out in the fresh air?

You Would? Well here’s how you can

This Pony is one of a semi feral group helping with conservation in North Wales, he roams free and can help himself to all that nature can provide, including, as you see here self medicating on Rosehips.

As you know we, at Remus love to provide our animals with herbs to help them to maintain themselves and help to lessen the effects of Arthritis, skin problems etc. They cannot go out into the country foraging as this lucky pony does.

‘But We Can’

Now is the time when Natures Harvest is ready, Rosehips, Hawhips, and Sloes are now ready to be picked, so we are wondering if you would be able to pick some of these fruits for them and bring them to the Sanctuary for the animals to enjoy…

THEY LOVE FRESH HERBS… and they are so good for them.

If you think you would enjoy picking herbs for Remus please do make sure that you collect them only in a safe area, not on the roadside where you may be in danger from traffic. ALSO AND IMPORTANTLY – NEVER pick all of the available herbs, REMEMBER that although our animals like them, these hips etc are the LIFE SAVING Winter food for many wild creatures, you should only pick perhaps a few from each site.


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