Holly and her New Baby

Holly’s baby was born at around 8.15pm on Friday 27 June 2014. She looks the spitting image of her Mum! And, unlike with Gracie and Jess, Holly is able to feed her foal and baby is suckling well.

Holly and Gracie arrived at similar times earlier this year and really helped each other, offering comfort in their new and strange environment. Even once Jess was born, the three were still a tight unit. Now the new baby makes four!

Holly is totally blind, and yet despite this, was still bred from and baby is the result!

Carmarthenshire County Council impounded Holly in December 2013 when she kept falling out of her field, which was higher than the road, and then getting up and wandering down the road! It fills us with dread every time we remember.

The Animal Health Trust Ophthalmology Team have checked out Holly’s eyes and it’s hoped that now her foal has been born she’ll be able to undergo cataract surgery.

Do come and meet both proud mums and their babies at our Open Day on Sunday 6 July 2014.

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