Horses Left for Three Months with No Food or Water Rescued by Horse Charity

The charity Remus Horse Sanctuary is urgently trying to raise funds for two horses that were found lame and emaciated after being left in a field to fend for themselves for more than three months.

The two horses were severely malnourished, having been left in a field for 14 weeks with no food or water. While Lady was emaciated, Blax also has severe joint problems. They had become feral having been left with no care, attention or love.

Despite all of the staff and volunteers’ hard work and efforts, Lady had to be put to sleep on 13 April.

Sue Burton, Founder, said: “She was in such an emaciated condition that as often happens in these cases, they come in having lived on their adrenalin for so long and when eventually they feel safe they let go and relax and, as in her case, she was too weak to take her own weight. We could hold her up but she was unable to stand herself and would just slowly slump to the floor when we let go of her.”

Essex-based Remus rescued Blax and Lady from a field in Kent after the charity was contacted by a concerned member of the public.

The horses had been left alone in the field for three months, despite the relevant authorities being alerted and a vet being called out to see them. Local people stepped in to ensure the pair had food and water.

It is thought the two had been used as brood mares in the past. It is not yet known whether the owner will be prosecuted for their actions.

The charity is continuing to try and raise funds to help give Blax a life free from pain, desperation and hunger.

Blax has had a large wedge and clog fitted to the foot on her bad leg which is making her more comfortable.

Sue went on to say, “There is comfort in knowing that Lady knew love and care and security in her last weeks but I find it so hard to keep clearing up the mess that other people make of these dear innocent creatures. It annoys me more to know that a vet and the RSPCA had let this go on for over 14 weeks before we got them.”

Anyone who wants to help to save Blax can donate online at:

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