Keep on moving: joint problems in horses

Just as we humans have to look after our joints as we get older, so do we have a responsibility to care for our horses’ joints. Joint problems in horses are a common cause of lameness, with arthritis being the likely cause, particularly as horses get older.

While all of our residents here at Remus are retired, we still want to make sure they are as sound as possible, so that they continue to live life in comfort. General health of the elderly horse is extremely important, as it is directly related to quality of life.

Horses and ponies are living longer than ever thanks to better veterinary treatments and general nutrition. While late teens used to be considered old, many horses live and often work or even compete well into their twenties and longer! In order for them to be able to do this, however, we need to carefully manage joint health.

Currently, with the added pressures of lockdown, some of our ways of managing our horses’ needs may have changed. Perhaps you have taken the decision not to ride and have found that your horse has become stiffer as a result? Or has turning your horse away seen him pile on the weight, putting even more strain on his joints?

As with everything, prevention is better than cure. So, if you’re worried about new or existing joint conditions, get some expert advice. This article from Your Horse magazine is a good starting point.

Our hard work at the Sanctuary continues, despite Coronavirus, and we’re trying to survive on a small skeleton staff. Please consider making a donation, either as a one off or as a regular monthly payment.

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