National World Animal Day

The fourth of October marks the annual National World Animal Day. Here at Remus Animal Sanctuary, we’re always dedicated to giving the animals the respect they deserve all year round.

World Animal Day was created in 1931 as a way of heightening the awareness of the predicament of endangered species. It has since become a day in which we remember and pay tribute to animals and their carers – a day to appreciate what animals do for us, and what others do for them. The day has become more successful year after year, and is set to continue. The World Animal Day initiative is the perfect way to unite the animal welfare movement and raise more and more awareness about animals, and encourage the respect they deserve.

As humans, we should be celebrating animal life, no matter how big or small they are. It is important to recognise and appreciate the way animals enrich our lives and celebrate our relationship, and consider what animals do for us. The most important point, however, would be to acknowledge the different roles our animals play in our lives. They are companions; they support and help us through daily difficulties.

Animals should be treated with as much respect as humans give each other. Here at the Sanctuary, we see so many animals that have been abused and malnourished and it becomes difficult to understand why. World Animal Day raises awareness of situations like this, and allows more people to get involved, and help to change the way the world is heading with animals.

Often, we take pets for granted; we’re so used to having them around they become part of the family. We don’t, however, give consideration to what animals do for us. Many people say that without their cat, dog or horse, for example, their household wouldn’t be the same. World Animal Day reinforces the values between humans and animals, and creates more awareness and appreciation around them.

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