May we take this opportunity to wish you a healthy and happy 2015 and thank you all so much for all your support that is given to the Sanctuary in so many different ways. Without you, we couldn’t do the work we do and the many animals we help would be homeless, alone, hungry and […]

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Coco and William at Remus Horse Sanctuary

Heavy Heart

It is with heavy heart that I write this message. The last year has, without question, been the hardest year of my life and among the many pressures has been that of finances. Unless we increase the amount of money coming into the Sanctuary then I can’t guarantee our future beyond the foreseeable future. I […]

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Worlds Oldest Horse at Remus Horse Sanctuary

Following much speculation in the national press over the past week, Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary will be making formal enquiries as to whether their 50-year-old Arab thoroughbred cross is in fact the oldest horse in the world. The Sanctuary has made contact with the Veteran Horse Society in Wales and the Guinness Book of World […]

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Remus Sheep

Year of the Sheep and Goat 2015

Welcome to the Year of the Sheep, also known as Year of the Goat.   “I am a passive onlooker I let bygones be bygones Goodness brings me fortune I believe in the human race I understand the meaning of giving My cup is never empty I am loyal and just and in others I […]

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Milo Pony Urgent Appeal

It was a sad day when the horsebox drove onto the Sanctuary yard a few weeks ago and two bedraggled little ponies were brought off. Both these ponies are horrendously thin and in such a pitiful state. Toffee is a small Welsh pony; she is very skinny and has a thick Cushingoid coat. (Cushings’ Disease […]

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Sycamore Seeds

Horse Owners Beware of Sycamore Seeds

Remus Horse Sanctuary is warning horse owners to be aware of the dangers of seeds from the Sycamore Tree as vets in Essex are reporting cases of illness and deaths in horses. A typical Myopathy is an often-fatal illness usually found in grazing horses — mostly in the Autumn and Spring. A study published in […]

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Seminar Sue Burton

Caring for your Elderly Horse Seminar

The seminar was a huge success on Saturday – great venue, superb speakers and a wealth of knowledge to be gained by the delegates on so many different subjects.   Special thanks to all our speakers: • Equine Orthopaedic Surgeon Mark Murrell • Tracey Hammond Equine Nutritionist of Dengie Feeds • Dr Jo Ireland from […]

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Orchid and Peanut

Elderly Horse Seminar

Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary’s , one-day informational seminar will be taking place this Saturday 15 November at The Holiday Inn, Brentwood, to educate horse owners on the differing care needs as their equines advance in age. A host of experts will be presenting during the day including Equine Orthopaedic Surgeon Mark Murrell, Tracey Hammond Equine […]

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Echo News

Mardyke Horses – At Risk Again

These horses have the potential to be at risk again and need our help and protection. If the land floods again, yet more horses will die needlessly. Horses died on this land earlier in the year and plenty of others have been dragged out of the mud in conditions far less wet than at present. […]

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Herbs for Horses Welsh Pony

Herbs for Horses

Fancy a nice walk in the country to enjoy the clean, fresh air? And would you like to collect a free treat for the animals at Remus at the same time? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then now is the time when nature’s harvest is ready; Rose Hips, Haw Hips, and […]

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