No Foot, No Horse

It’s an old saying among horsemen, ‘no foot, no horse’, but it remains true no matter how long it’s been around. Our horses’ feet need to be healthy and in good shape, because it is the feet that influence how the rest of the body moves. The repercussions of bad hoof and shoe management can be devastating.

Of course, it’s not just relevant for shod horses. Many of our residents at Remus go barefoot because they don’t work. Regular visits from the farrier are essential for: keeping horses’ feet trimmed; checking for signs of laminitis; and making sure the foot balance is just right so that they can move around in as much comfort as possible without hindering any existing conditions.

Whatever your horse’s situation, remember to pay close attention to his feet, particularly in the summer months when the ground can become very hard.

Your Horse magazine has some useful shoeing management tips. You can read them at:

There are only two dates left on the 2019 calendar for when you can come and visit our animals at the Sanctuary, and remember the whole family are welcome! We are always looking for good quality items to sell at our events, so if you have any unwanted gifts, bric-a-brac or books etc, please bring them along!

Our remaining Open Days of the season are:

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