No more stigma for strangles

This week (3-9 May) is Strangles Awareness Week. Many of us will know about strangles and the devastating effect this highly contagious disease can have on our equine friends and the wider industry. It does also sadly still carry a stigma, which the British Horse Society (BHS) want to challenge and get people talking about.

There are over 600 outbreaks of strangles in the UK each year. It’s spread through contact with a bacteria called Streptococcus equi, so can quickly infect horses and whole yards, resulting in lockdowns and cancellation of events to stop cases from multiplying.

Here at Remus, our four Shetlands came to us in extremely poor condition and suffering from strangles. Archie, Oscar, Dusty and Drifter were less than a year old at the time and were being dragged around the country from market to market, before finally being saved from slaughter.

This week hopes to educate everyone on how with relatively simple steps and good biosecurity could play their part in losing the stigma and eradicating the disease for good.

Join in the discussion:

You are welcome to come and meet Archie, Oscar, Dusty and Drifter and all of our other animals at our next Open Day on Sunday 6 June from 1pm to 5pm. Pre-booking is required as we are only able to sell a limited number of tickets at present. Find out more on our website and pre-book your tickets today!

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