Our plans for 2014

2014 is the Chinese year of the Horse and we are determined to make this a year to remember by focusing on four main areas of welfare and education. We want to focus on the horses in Thurrock, the horses in Harlow, continue to highlight the plight of tethered horses and to organise another elderly horse seminar to provide specialist expert advice on how to look after and care for the older horse and how to make sure that they enjoy there twilight years.

Last year we had many high and low points but we have been able to help many animals with Davey the Donkey and Pippa Horse being just a few. Davey the donkey was able to undergo lifesaving surgery and Pippa horse was able to go to the Animal Health Trust for life saving cataract surgery. These animals may not have had the chance to live without our help

We have started the year off by rescuing a blind pony whom we who we have named Holly. Holly, unfortunately, is blind in both eyes and faced a certain death. Luckily we were able to step in and remove her from danger and now we can start to give her the life that she deserves. Holly arrived at Remus on the 13th January and has settled in extremely well! She is undergoing tests to establish her health issues and what can be done to help her and she is received constant care and nursing as we try to bring her back to full health

Tethering, although not illegal is in our opinion, an inappropriate way to keep a horse – denying them the 5 basic principles of care. The horses that are tethered along the roadside in Harlow are always a concern, one horse was killed last year and one almost caused an accident when it was running loose on the road .We want to make sure that this does not happen to any more horses, ever.

In 2014 we want to strive to make massive in-roads into highlighting the plight of horses and the extent of the horse welfare crisis in the UK at present.

As we move into the Summer months we hope that you will be able to attend our Open days and support our work and help us achieve these goals. Why not join the Sanctuary or make a donation to support our much needed work to help these gentle and noble animals?

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