Please help this beautiful blind mare to see again and so save her life


Pippa is a 19 year old mare that lives here at the Sanctuary. She has been with us for quite a few years now after suffering terrible mistreatment by her previous owners. We have been working with Pippa to build her back to health and encourage a confidence in her spirit that she had lost.

In recent months her health has deteriorated and she is now suffering from severe cataracts which need surgery. This surgery to help Pippa see again will cost £4,000 as an expert ophthalmologist has assessed her as having absolutely no sight – the only hope for her is to have at least one cataract removed.

Pippa simply cannot cope without her vision. Her eyesight has been failing over a period of time and it is only in the past couple of months that we have really observed it affecting her everyday life. During a recent storm she became so spooked and terrified that she ran into a fence, demolishing it and causing herself a terrible injury in the process. Poor Pippa needed over 150 stitches to the wound.

It was following this incident that we spoke to a vet about Pippa and what we could do to ease her discomfort other than putting her to sleep, which seemed like the kindest option. We cannot stress enough – Pippa cannot cope without her sight. The vet was fantastic and quickly got back to us with a diagnosis… Our Pippa has no sight but is a candidate for cataract surgery.

A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye; it is the most common cause of blindness and is conventionally treated with surgery. Visual loss occurs due to the clouding of the lens reducing the amount of light to focus on the retina at the back of the eye.

We desperately want to give Pippa another chance at life.

Can you help us to help Pippa? Can you help us to restore sight to this beautiful horse? If we cannot raise the money we will need to put her to sleep; any size donation can help and there are lots of ways in which you can donate. We have set up a just giving page just for Pippa, Just text RMHS11 with the amount you want to donate (e.g £2 or £10) to 70070 to help us give this magnificent mare another chance.

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