Be Ragwort Aware and Save a Horse’s Life

Remus Horse Sanctuary works hard all year round to help horses that have been abandoned, neglected and badly treated – but at this time of year, even the best-loved horses can be at risk.

The threat to their health is a seemingly harmless yellow-flowered weed called Ragwort. Seen all around the countryside at this time of year, along roadsides and railways, it can cause liver damage if horses eat it – and can be fatal.

Horse owners must keep Ragwort aware and get rid of any weeds that appear in their field – but all landowners and tenants have a duty of care to ensure that Ragwort is not growing near fields where horses graze.

Find out more about how to identify this dangerous weed and how to get rid of it in this Hertfordshire Life article.

You can also refer to other articles that we have written on the subject here and view DEFRA’s advice here.

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