Remember Remus In Your Will And Ensure Your Love Of Animals Lives On

Making a Will is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. And it’s a lot more affordable and straightforward than you think.

Legacies are vital to the very survival of Remus Horse Sanctuary, a fact that most of its supporters don’t realise. To raise some much-needed awareness, the Sanctuary has joined forces with Remember A Charity, the largest consortium of its kind in the UK working to promote legacy giving.

With 35%* of people saying they would consider including a gift to charity after providing for their family and friends in their Will, and only 7%* end up doing so, there is huge potential to increase income from legacies. If, together, we can grow the sector by just 4%, we could raise an extra £1 billion for UK charities.

  • 7.3% per cent of the UK have left a gift to charity in their Will. A 4% increase would raise a further £1 billion for good causes every year.
  • Remus understand that family and loved ones will always take priority – remembering a charity in your will doesn’t mean excluding others.
  • A gift to charity in your Will does not have to mean large amounts of money.  A small gift can make a very real difference.

A refreshed consumer campaign which launched in 2009 around the theme of ‘Make your last wishes something to remember’ has made positive inroads in changing people’s attitudes. For example, 60% of those who had seen the TV ads said ‘it made them think it was possible to leave a legacy as well as provide for family and friends’.

The annual Remember A Charity Week, which the consortium runs in September each year, gives charities the perfect opportunity to promote legacies both internally and externally.

The campaign not only creates enthusiasm among the general public, but also with legal advisers and other professionals who write Wills. The collective aim is for all professional advisers to prompt their clients to consider leaving a charitable gift in their Will.

Sue Burton, Founder at Remus Horse Sanctuary commented: “We can all help the campaign to succeed, thereby growing the legacy market, by spreading the legacy giving messages, particularly to our own colleagues and staff and also with our members and supporters.

“However, please don’t wait until next September to give this some thought! We need your help today and every day!”

For more information please contact Sue Burton or visit the Sanctuary website.

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