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With Remembrance Day just gone, Remus thought it would be a good idea to reflect on how the horses made an extremely positive impact on The Great War.

World War one broke out in Western Europe in August 1914, with devastating effects. The trench warfare was a horror nobody could have predicted. Soldiers fighting in the trenches became ill very quickly with all sorts of awful diseases, such as trench foot, hyperthermia and gangrene. Due to being so low to the ground in a plethora of diabolical conditions, those battling in the trenches didn’t have much chance of survival.

Those in the cavalry regiments, however, prevailed over the rest. Those regiments in the British Army would have been seen as the regiments of seniority, with most of the senior army positions held by cavalry officers. Horses were considered to be essential in the offence elements of the military force early during World War One, and some soldiers were told that the loss of a horse was greater than the loss of a troop in battle. By the end of the war, the horses had contributed greatly to Germany’s defeat.

Horses were used mainly for transporting goods during the Great War, as they proved a much more reliable source of logistical support, as opposed to vehicles, for travelling through mud, sludge and rough terrain. They were used for reconnaissance and messaging as well as pulling artillery and supply weapons. They also greatly contributed to the transporting of sick and injured soldiers to hospital, and were vital in transporting medicines and goods which would be needed to treat soldiers immediately. Having horses also greatly improved the morale of the troops during the war, as they usually held officers who were able to raise morale.

In war literature, horses appear frequently and one of the greatest books of all time, ‘War Horse’ is now known and loved all over the world, and appears in a variety of formats. Equines made such a huge impact on the war, and without them Germany would not have been defeated. They gave the soldiers hope, and were essential in the wellbeing of many of the troops.

This Country has been built on the backs of our equine friends and we owe them a great deal of With Remembrance Day coming up, Remus thought it would be a good idea to reflect on how the horses made an extremely positive impact on The Great War. Help support those horses who have not had the best start in life. Supporting Remus will help us to keep doing the jobs we are doing to give a safe home for horses.

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