Remus Horse Sanctuary Appeals to UK Ministers for Support

On Monday 21 July 2014 Sue Burton, founder of Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, met with Lord DeMauley, Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), at Westminster to discuss the equine welfare crisis that exists in this country.

Furthermore, Sue and the Sanctuary fully supports the Private Members Bill being put forward by MP Julian Sturdy which should help tackle the problem of fly grazing in this country.

Fly grazing has become a huge problem in this country, with many thousands of horses being placed on private land, causing damage to fencing and land, and high financial cost for landowners to have them moved.  The anomaly here is that once the animals are ‘dumped’ on the landowner’s property, they become responsible for the animals!


Sue said “There has to be more protection for landowners and we have to tackle the issue of fly grazing and make it illegal.  We fully support this Bill and hope it makes steady progress through Parliament.  We welcome any moves from the UK Government to help with the present equine welfare crisis.”

The Sanctuary has experienced one of its hardest financial years due to the impact of the welfare crisis. The winter was spent trying to help as many horses as possible, including taking many thousands of bales of hay out to those abandoned in fields, just to keep them alive.  There are many thousands of horses at risk and, already, as the mares have foaled this year that problem has doubled, and the mares will be in foal again next spring further adding to the numbers.

Ordinarily, the welfare issue would ease by the summer months as the weather improves but, so far this year, this has not been the case as the dry weather has brought its own issues with very little fresh grass growth.  Sue said, “The sheer volume of horses we have to deal with has put us under an enormous financial strain and we need the support of the Government to help deal with the legal side of the problem.  We are desperately appealing to the animal loving public to help support our work; the Sanctuary always needs adult volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, from admin to mucking out stables.  Donations can be made by cheque, or online via the website.”

Sue went on to say, “The UK Government has to stop burying its head in the sand and tackle the issue of horse welfare in this country. For too long welfare organisations have been left to pick up the pieces, but now they are inundated and under extreme pressure from the situation and the Government has to understand, acknowledge and make adequate provision within the legal framework to protect these beautiful and noble creatures”.

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