Remus residents: some of the oldest equines to have lived

We’ve all known a special ‘golden oldie’ on our yard or at the local riding school who has defied science by still being ridden at 30 plus! While the expected lifespan for horses is 25-30 years and ponies 30-35 years, many surpass this.

The team here at Remus launched the Elderly Horse Awareness Campaign back in 2007 when we received backing from vets, nutritionists, well-known names in the equestrian world such as Jenny Pitman OBE, the Laminitis Trust and numerous feed companies.

Along with our team of experts in feed, dentition and holistic care, we constantly challenge the old adage that old age equals poor condition. Instead we focus closely on individual, changing needs and our residents are a testament to this thinking.

In an article of eight of the world’s oldest horses, two of them saw out their retirement here at the sanctuary.

Shane the liver chestnut, died aged 52 and was believed to be the oldest in the world at the time of his death in 2013. He remained well covered, healthy and enjoyed going out in the paddocks every day up to the day he died. Orchid passed away two years later aged 50. She was a Thoroughbred/Arabian cross who unfortunately suffered neglect before being moved to us to live out her final days peacefully. We also had another resident, a small black pony called Buttons, who passed away at a remarkable 54 years old.

You can find out about some of the other oldest horses and ponies in history here:

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