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Bracken was born at the Sanctuary, her mother is Holly, Holly is totally blind. Poor Holly had had a dreadful life; she was neglected, emaciated, blind and in foal and roaming loose on the road in Wales. When Bracken was born seemingly well we were so relieved that everything was alright, however it quickly became apparent that little Bracken was very ill.

We and our vet worked hard to save her. The problem was that she had been brain damaged at birth and was unable to regulate her body temperature, leading to serious problems for such a young baby. She was deaf and had no menace reflex.

After many weeks of worry, things started to improve as she appeared to grow out of the condition. Thankfully she has grown into the beautiful strong and healthy youngster that she is today.

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The Remus Sponsorship Scheme helps us to provide ongoing care for the animals at the Sanctuary once they have been rescued and contributes towards funds for further animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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