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This young pony was spotted at an unauthorised market we were investigating. He was terrified and being ridden furiously amongst the crowd. He was less than 18 months old.

Thankfully, we were able to remove him from this hell. We found he was covered in whip marks and was so terrified that for his first three days at Remus he didn’t move, too frightened that he would be beaten – something he had come to expect. He just stood stock still.

Little by little he realised he is safe and will not be mistreated, and can now trust humans. We introduced Marcus into a separate all-male Shetland group and he has been friends with them ever since.

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For just £30 a year you will receive a glossy photograph, certificate of your sponsorship, and history of me, an invite to visit me and my friends, and some Remus goodies (car sticker and badge) and then twice a year, a further update on my progress.

The Remus Sponsorship Scheme helps us to provide ongoing care for the animals at the Sanctuary once they have been rescued and contributes towards funds for further animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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