Fee-Free Donations for Remus

Remus Horse Sanctuary has joined Make a Donation!

Make a Donation is the only UK fundraising and crowd-funding site where 100% of the donations goes directly to the charity.

Did you know that all other sites (including JustGiving) charge up to 6.3% in fees? Make a Donation are as passionate about fee-free fundraising as we are about animals, and don’t charge a commission of any sort or any fees whatsoever. In fact, they will even pay the bank transaction charges for us, something that no other fundraising site does!

Unlike all other sites, Make a Donation makes sure that we receive every last penny of your hard-earned donations.

How does it work?

From our page – https://make-a-donation.org/charity/remus-horse-sanctuary –  you can:

  • Donate directly to Remus Horse Sanctuary
  • Start fundraising for our charity

Why not try it out for yourself? Click on the link to donate today!


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