Learn Equine Complementary Care

Do you have an interest in the use of complementary therapies for your animals? If so, read on to find out about our next equine complementary care workshop with Clair Missen in October.

Equine Reiki is a way of increasing the bond between person and horse. No experience of complementary therapies is needed Рall you need is a desire to help. Reiki is a complementary therapy that uses the energy of the universe surrounding us and is used to help clear out a horse’s energy system.

Every day our body and energy is affected by things that happen around us – such as feeling drained by being around certain people or feeling overwhelmed when on a crowd of people. It is exactly the same for horses – they are affected by people, their environment or their relationship with other horses. Reiki helps to clear the energy system from these influences, to give balance back. Reiki can also work on an emotional level by helping the horse to feel that their emotions are being acknowledged by a person which helps them to let go. Horses have a complex emotional system and often if they are treated as a ‘commodity’ rather than a sentient being they do not have an opportunity to let go of these emotions.

Clair had a horse in her life for 14 years called Floss. She was a riding school pony who was used to a structured routine with few opportunities to have fun. When Clair moved her from the riding school Floss had an emotional meltdown because she couldn’t cope with the freedom to feel different emotions. It took a long time for her to feel confident enough to say when she didn’t want to do something. During that process Clair had to learn to help Floss and learning to work with her energy brought them closer together as she knew she had a person she could rely on. Reiki is a way of telling that horse that right at that moment there is no one more important in your life than the horse standing in front of you. By the time she died Floss was able to express her larger than life personality every day.

So whether you want to learn Reiki to help the horses in your life, or you want to start working towards a career with horses, this 1-day course is the starting point to helping you in that journey.

To find out more and book your tickets online, visit the website here.



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