Huge Deficit Faced by Essex Horse Charity

Like many charities, Remus Horse Sanctuary is suffering financially due to the impact of Covid-19 on its fundraising activities. Founder, Sue Burton believes that the charity will be facing a funding gap somewhere in excess of £337,000 for events and fundraising activities cancelled so far this year, stating that it costs £450,000 per annum to remain open.


“At the beginning of each year, I know that we have to find hundreds of thousands of pounds just to remain open, to feed the animals and to cover the medication bills,” said Ms Burton.

The majority of fundraising activities and events take place during the warmer months from March to October all of which, apart from one, have had to be cancelled. The deficit can be estimated at a sobering £10,500 per week.

Mounting a rescue operation is extremely expensive including equipment, medical expenses and transport costs. Though the greatest impact is felt by the charity once the animals are on-site at their Sanctuary near Ingatestone in Essex – financially, emotionally, physically and mentally – as Ms Burton explained:

“The majority of animals that we rescue are, at best, malnourished and full of worms. They may have been abandoned, neglected or mistreated. Some may not recognise food and hay, let alone know what to do with it. Some may be suffering from Cushings or Laminitis. Often their lower teeth are found growing into their top gums. Some may be crippled either by overgrown hooves or injury.

“Some will have shut down completely, near death, depressed and, despite all of our best efforts, just can’t be saved. It takes its toll on them and on us. But we can’t give up, we have to continue trying to help these magnificent creatures.” 


The charity was hoping that the few remaining events scheduled, along with their online gift shop, will generate some interest. However, as Essex has now been raised to Covid-19 Alert Level High, even those few sales are unlikely to happen.

The Christmas Gift Shop is now available online with some lovely gift items including stocking fillers, new and exclusive Christmas card designs for 2020 and a new wall calendar for 2021, which features a variety of rescued animals residing at the Sanctuary. Visit The Sanctuary will also accept orders placed over the telephone.

New items for 2020 include a Christmas Biscuit Gift Drum (£3.50) available as Caramel and Sea Salt biscuits or Clotted Cream shortbread, Clotted Cream Fudge (£3.25) and Milk Chocolate Truffles (£4.50). The majority of items come with a choice of Christmas design.

Sponsorship of an animal, like Blax [pictured], can also make a lovely gift for animal lovers and welfare supporters – with horses, ponies, donkeys, cats, goats and sheep to choose from! More details can be found at:


One socially distanced Winter Sale is due to take place on Saturday 14 November at the Billericay Reading Rooms, Covid-19 alert level allowing. Full details of the event can be found on the charity’s website at

“As always,” concluded Ms Burton, “we are deeply indebted for everyone’s support. Every winter is tough due to the spiralling costs, but this year will be extremely difficult. We implore the public for help. If they can’t donate, we really hope they can shop with us! 

“I still believe that together, we can make a difference and that no animal should be born to die”.

For further information, visit or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.

35th Anniversary

Can you help the Sanctuary this year on our 35th birthday?

  • Perhaps you could help run a stall at our events, put up a poster in your local shop or vets, can you ask your local shop if they will take one of our collection tins?
  • Perhaps you could help Carrie with her talks raising awareness of what we do at the charity throughout the year?
  • Or could you volunteer for a few hours here at the farm?
  • Can you help keep an eye on horses near you to check they are being fed and watered?
  • Could you rattle some tins on your local High Street?
  • Can you organise a fundraising event for Remus?
  • What about giving a friend the gift of membership for their birthday or sponsoring an animal to give to a loved one as a gift?

There are lots of ways that you can help Remus and we try and make it as easy as possible, with ideas like those above and also lots of useful information here on our website. Click on any of the links above to learn more or, of course, do pick up the phone!

Our founder, Sue Burton, says, “As you’ll know by now, 2018 is Remus’ 35th birthday and some of our members have been with us since day one which I think is amazing! It never fails to surprise me just how wonderful our friends and supporters are.

“Thank you all for all that you do for Remus in whatever way you do.”

Give the Gift of Life this Christmas

Remus Horse Sanctuary in Essex provides home for over 200+ rescued animals and many are available for sponsorship, making a truly unique and thoughtful gift this Christmas.

The gift sponsorship will include a photo certificate and a fact sheet about the animal, with regular updates throughout the year.

A Remus animal can be sponsored for just £25 a year.  Alternatively, if preferred, Remus also offer a monthly direct debit scheme for as little as £2 per month, payable by Standing Order.

Gift sponsorships can be ordered from the online shop on the Remus website or a standing order mandate from can be downloaded again from the website and posted to: Remus Horse Sanctuary, Little Farm, Buttsbury, Near Ingatestone, Essex, CM4 9NZ.

Remus Horse Sanctuary provides lifetime help and care for horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep, cows and cats, that are victims of physical and mental abuse, be it as a result of ignorance or malicious intent.

The Remus Sponsorship Scheme provides ongoing care for the animals at the Sanctuary once they have been rescued, as well as contributing towards funds for future animal rescue.

For further information, visit or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.



Meet Charlie – One of the Lucky Ones!

Charlie is a 7 month-old colt who was cruelly wrenched from his mum when his owners had no use for him. An hour later he arrived at Remus Horse Sanctuary, to start his new life.

Remus can only imagine what Charlie has been through in his young, short life. Charlie is underweight and clearly hasn’t been fed regularly. Remus can rectify that and deal with the lice that are eating him from the outside and the worms attacking him from the inside, but sadly they can’t heal the mental scars. What they can do, with the public’s help, is give him love, care, attention and a safe place to live for life, without cruelty and without placing any demands on him.

Charlie is the lucky one!  The Sanctuary is dealing with hundreds of horses left in dire conditions, and the staff are finding themselves called on to try to help more and more innocent creatures who, through no fault of their own, are caught up in the ever widening horse welfare crisis. The crisis is getting worse and is already putting huge financial strain on the Sanctuary, yet it is still early in terms of the winter season.  This Christmas many horses across the county (and beyond) will stand tethered to the ground without food, water, attention or care, let alone love.

Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Horse Sanctuary says: “Charlie’s been so sad that we’ve placed a mirror in his stable for company whilst he’s in isolation. All day he looks at that mirror and it breaks my heart to see him licking it, obviously thinking of his mum. We’re sure he’ll make friends and bond with our other animals once he’s out of isolation. Please, help us to help Charlie and to help get food and water to the hundreds of other horses and ponies out there, who are less fortunate.”

All of Remus’ animals are available for sponsorship and make a truly unique Christmas gift.

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