Remus Horse Sanctuary Cry for Help

Remus Sanctuary Founder, Sue Burton, is appealing to the public to help save the many horses currently in dire need. Despite the summer months, the horse welfare crisis in this country, especially Southern England, continues to escalate.
Remus are desperate for funds and are asking Essex animal lovers to dig deep to make a donation and organise a fundraising event to help continue the work of the Sanctuary and to help ease and eventually stop the daily suffering.

At present there are hundreds of horses and ponies around the Essex area and beyond that are suffering daily and sadly every day is a day nearer to death. Remus can and does help but due to the severe pressures of the equine welfare crisis in the UK, they are on their knees financially.

Sue said, “Normally at this time of the year welfare issues ease and our costs go down giving us a chance to recoup much needed funds for the winter. However, this year there has been so many horses that have needed our help that it has proved impossible”. Sue recognises that they need additional financial support to help rescue many more animals and to continue to provide lifetime care for their existing 200 plus animals at the Sanctuary in Essex.

For horses like Dante and Dolly, below, Remus has saved their lives and given them a home for life. Sadly, Skye and so many others was not so lucky:

  • Dante was just a 3-month old foal when he was dumped at Remus’ gates, absolutely emaciated and close to death. He was so sick that they nearly lost him but with the nursing and lots of veterinary care, he has pulled through and thrived.
  • Skye, a foal dumped that was so skinny and so ill that, despite all of the Sanctuary’s best efforts, they had to put her to sleep to save her from any more suffering. She was just 18 months old and like so many of these horses – Born to Die.
  • Dolly, a 24-year old mare spent 23 years of her life tethered to the ground. She is now at Remus living a life free of chains and free to run, roll, and do everything that a horse should do.

Sue added, “We want to be able to help more and stop these animals from suffering today and I know of so many horses at this moment that need our help and we can’t give it! As things stand in Essex these hearts and minds are born to die, and we are appealing to the public to help us turn that around.”

Donations can be made via the website with JustGiving or PayPal or text HELP37 £10 to 70070 to donate to Remus with JustTextGiving. Cheques can be posted to Little Farm, Buttsbury, Near Ingatestone, Essex CM4 9NZ for Sue Burton’s attention.

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Remus Cry for Help
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