Riding School Crisis

Following the recent crisis when we were asked to help re-home 12 ex-riding school horses and ponies who had been evicted from their warm stables after their owners’ riding school collapsed financially, we are delighted to introduce you to the four that we have taken in. Please meet Candy, Coco (the black one), Scotty and Minty. Coco and Candy are both in their late 30’s, Minty has COPD and Scotty has PPID.

On Thursday, Sue successfully managed the entire relocation process of the remainder.

Only last week, these elderly ponies, who have been working hard all of their lives to give pleasure through the riding school found themselves totally stranded in the awful cold and wet weather we’ve been experiencing recently! Can you believe that even the horses rugs were seized during the eviction process! What world are we living in?!

We are of course delighted to take them in, but we do need to raise the extra funds in order to support them, in addition to 200+ animals we already have in our care. If you would like to help Candy, Coco, Scotty and Minty please make your donation via PayPal. If you are able to set up a small monthly donation as well, we would very much appreciate it. Alternatively you can use JustGiving if you prefer:https://www.remussanctuary.org/donate-justgiving/donate.

Thank you!

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