Tin Rattlers Wanted!

It’s amazing how much a charity can collect from street collections, with people just popping spare change into a tin. But we can’t do this kind of collection without volunteers, and that’s where Remus Horse Sanctuary hopes that you can help!

As you know, we rescue horses and ponies that have been neglected and ill-treated, and we’re looking for volunteers this year to help us raise some much-needed cash.

If you like chatting to people, this is the perfect volunteering opportunity for you. You won’t need to stand for hours – we’ll have a rota of volunteers so you can just do an hour if that’s what you can manage, before someone else takes over.

It’s a great way to meet people and make new friends with similar interests too. So go on, resolve to help Remus today and start the New Year off with a good deed!

It would be remiss of us not to mention that there are various regulations regarding this type of street collecting nowadays, not least that there’s to be no actual rattling of tins! However, we know you’ll understand what we’re asking for help with if we refer our request to ‘Tin Rattlers’!

You can read more on street collecting here.

Just send your details to promotions@remussanctuary.org.

Street collectors must be aged over 18 and require a permit. Remus will source the permit on your behalf.


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